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Men's Luxury Automatic Mechanical Waterproof Watches

Men's Luxury Automatic Mechanical Waterproof Watches

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The most common problems encountered when using VITCOCO earwax remover kit, we have sorted out the following answers for you, If the following questions and answers cannot help you, please contact us via email, and we are very happy to serve you!

Q1: How to use this product?

1. Press and hold the power button on the product for more than 1 second to turn it on, the blue light starts to flash slowly, indicating that there is no mobile phone connected to the WiFi hotspot of the product.
2. Open the mobile phone WiFi settings interface, find the hotspot softish-xxxx and click connect. When connecting to WiFi for the first time, the phone may prompt;The current network cannot access the Internet, whether to keep it connected; please select Yes to continue using the softish-xxxx connection. Different mobile phones may have different prompts, please choose according to the prompts, make sure to continue using the softish-xxxx hotspot and do not switch networks.
3. After the WiFi connection is successful, the blue indicator light will be on for a long time, and then the battery icon on theEndscopeTool APPwill display the battery level, indicating that the product is successfully connected to the mobile phone.
4. Click Start in the App to see the wireless video transmission and start ear picking. After use, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to shut down. 

Q2: Indicator information?

1. This product has red and blue indicator lights.

2. The red indicator light is on when charging, and the red indicator light is off when charging is complete.

3. The blue light flashes slowly, indicating that WiFi is not connected to the product.

4. The blue indicator light is always on, indicating that the mobile phone is connected to the WiFi of this product.5. The blue light flashes quickly, indicating that the battery is low.

Q3: Can't connect to WiFi?

1. Press and hold the power button to power off, then power on to reconnect.

2. If the blue light is always on and you cannot connect to the WiFi, it means thatanother mobile phone is connected to the product first. Please press and hold the product to power off, and then walk to a place 30 meters away to power on and reconnect.

Q4: The phone is connected to WiFi but cannot see the video?

1. Please enter the mobile phone WiFi settings interface, find softish-xxxx and click, in the pop-up dialog box, choose to forget or cancel the save to delete the record of this WiFi hotspot.

2. Reboot and connect to softish-xxxx, and when the system prompts that the current network cannot access the Internet, whether to keep connected, select Yes or not to switch networks, and make sure to continue using the softish-xxxx hotspot.

3.If the above operations still cannot be solved, please find the permission settings and give the app permission to use the network.

Q5: No response to charging?

1. Please check if the charging cable is plugged in properly.

2. Please try another charger.

Q6: Heat during use?

This product will heat up when working, which is a normal phenomenon, so there is no need to worry.

Q7: How do I clean the otoscope lens?

Please wipe with a spectacle cloth or cotton swab dipped in water, please do not use alcohol to clean the camera directly, otherwise the lens will be damaged.

Q8: The screen freezes or has diagonal lines?

 Please fully charge before use, and do not use while charging.

Q9: ear scoop installation?

Unscrew the ear spoon head counterclockwise, and tighten it clockwise to prevent it from falling after replacement.

Q10: Wireless network is not secure?

 An unsecured network usually refers to a wireless network that can be connected without a password. The wireless network of the product cannot connect to the Internet, and there is no privacy and security issue.

Q11:Where can I buy a replacement ear spoon if all of them are damaged?

Hi, if all the ear spoons are damaged, you can contact us via Amazon and we will provide you with after-sales service.